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[singlepic id=174 w=320 h=240 float=right]Identity for Grace is about helping individual “households” of Grace to claim their place in the universe.

As the Holy Spirit pulls and pushes the “Holy catholic/universal church” forward, local expressions of the church, such as Grace Lutheran, are becoming more fully aware that a primary, if not the most important, reason for the local expression of church, is to “equip” – to help, the people of God be aware of how God is acting in the world and to be part of it. This means to be much more focused on helping each person to be more fully human and to be honest about the joys and challenges of following Jesus the Christ.

Identity Team Leader: Lynn Grusy


Identity Ministry focuses on supporting individual households and offering group activities.

Supporting individual households

Grace is evolving a system of people (Faithful Friends is the term we are currently using) who are aware and supportive of every Grace household. Grace households, as is true for most of the households in the United States, are very different than in decades past. Today’s households include, single people, more that are women than men, “traditional” households, a husband and wife with children, “non-traditional” households, same, and other, gender couples who cohabitate, single parents, “blended-families” and “empty-nesters”. Most Grace households are very involved within the community of Grace. Some are not as involved. Some people are away, such as school/military, some are homebound or restricted to elder care facilities, some work at times preventing their presence at the large community gathering on Sundays. Some may just be away spiritually or socially for the moment. All such Grace people (households) will have a person (Faithful Friend) who on behalf of the Grace Community will foster a Christ-centered caring and supportive relationship as desired by the household itself.

Ideally, each household is supported to engage the world, as they are able. They will deepen relationships with others at Grace (small group ministry) and be on the frontier of humbly serving, inviting, being, receiving, questioning, walking with and loving all of God’s creation and those who inhabit it.

Offering group activities

The focus for group activities is what happens on Sunday Mornings. They include worship, fellowship and education. These are the activities most associated with being “church.”