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Mission for Grace, is about individual (households) serving in the larger community of Greater Cleveland and the World, and Grace, as an (institution) serving those beyond the households of Grace.

Mission Team Leader: Bev Lund

The Mission Team gives each household of Grace ways to serve the greater community through individual and small group action. The team helps to identify opportunities at the local, national and international level and encourages households to serve, to invite others to join in service, to act and to report back to the larger community of Grace about their actions, their fears about acting and the personal surprises, joys and growth that occur when people of God offer themselves in service.

WE ALL HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO WALK WITH CHRIST. The Mission Team leads the institution/Grace Community as a whole in service to the greater community, and encourages everyone to engage in opportunities of service. If there are volunteer initiatives that you know of in our/your community that you believe YOU and Grace congregants would like to participate in, we encourage you to take the lead, or share your ideas with the Mission Team. We’d be glad to partner with you in making a difference. Here is one such opportunity:

On being the Hands and Feet of Christ: Families in Need
Annette Davlin and Jean Homrighausen are Clinical Social Workers, working for a Mental Health Agency as therapists trying to address mental health concerns of inner city youth and families. Often families are in despair and sometimes in “shame” that they have “basic needs” that present further hardship for their children, i.e. unable to pay rent, utility bills due to lack of employment, children in need of clothing/shoes etc. To be the “Hands and Feet of Jesus” the Mission Team is supporting Annette and Jean in developing a way to help such households. It will be called “Families in Need” (FIN). A discretionary fund (solely to fund FIN) will be developed so Annette and Jean or others will be able to help such families.
People wishing to contribute to this fund may make a check out to Grace Lutheran Church and mark it FIN. Funds would be dispensed and receipts be obtained for accountability purposes designating the need(s) that were addressed. Quarterly a report will be generated to share with the congregation how the money donated was used. Annette and Jean know of immediate needs. If you have specific questions please feel free to address them directly to either Annette or Jean or a member of the Mission Team.