How we are organized

Grace tries to share God’s love in word and deed with others in the world. It does this primarily through helping each other to be graciously/lovingly present for other people – co-workers, strangers, neighbors, partners and family in daily life.

It is organized around mission even though our tradition and the way church has been done for hundreds of years. (US Society as a whole was pretty much a part of “Christiandom” and congregations existed to support the different ways our cultures in our US “melting pot,” did music/worship on Sunday mornings.) That is all changing.

As we change we have re-organized our congregation into two spheres, with one sphere having three parts.

Sphere 1: Governance.   Grace as a whole meets three or more times a year to set the course of the congregation and to discuss “big issues.” It is like a town hall meeting. The town hall meeting is lead by Grace’s elected officers, its President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary.

The town hall meeting sets the overall direction for the congregations’ yearly ministry activities and approves the money to be invested in those ministry activities.

Sphere 2: Management. Grace has three management teams: Mission, Identity and Administration.