Who We Are

11Grace has its roots in the German expression of Western Christianity. It was the first German Lutheran Congregation in Cleveland to convert its worship language from German to English.

It relocated its building from E 55 Street in Cleveland to its current location in Cleveland Heights in 1927. The building is beautiful – a slice out of medieval Europe.

In 1986-88 it moved out of the institution of the Missouri Lutheran Synod (a body of believers holding to a literal (inerrant) understanding of the Bible) and in to the newly formed Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA; a body of believers generally comfortable with a more metaphorical understanding of the Bible, without the need to be inerrant.)

Grace’s vision, in part, is to be an inclusive community of people with various theological points of view bound together through God’s love for all, as made known in Jesus the Christ. It’s not all that easy.

It struggles, it laughs, it cries, it hugs and it holds tenaciously to God’s promise to be fully present in all that we do and in all of our humanity.

We are not a large community. (Worship attendance varies between 60-90 people, but for Christmas Eve and Easter when we have about 200 people at worship.) We are mostly older – whether single or “coupled.”

The community is in process, a journey if you will, attempting to follow the way of Jesus in our day and time. All are welcome. Hopefully, this sense of journey is captured in our tag line, REFORMING, RESPONDING, REMEMBERING.